Mission Statement


"Keep Fishermen Fishing"  states its mission as "to pass federal legislation to amend The Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act. (Our Nation's Primary Fishing Law)

Coalition partners will educate and inform legislators and the general public on the onerous and devastating effect the current law is having on angler access and the angling experience, the systematic destruction of both recreational and commercial fishing communities and businesses by attempting to rebuild our Nation's fisheries at the expense of our fishermen instead of for the benefit of them and the nation as a whole.

Our goal is to work together to pass common sense, scientific reform of the Magnuson Act and to remove from the Act all nonscientific and arbitrary provisions. These harmful provisions are based on emotion and ideology, not science and common sense.

The collective voice of both recreational and commercial fishing communities and their respective industries are supporting immediate reform to rebuild and preserve not just our fish stocks, but our fishing communities, industries and ability to fish as well.

Save the fish AND the fishermen!